all-day commando

I finished my score for orchestration. I don't feel like doing the parts until tomorrow morning, so instead I'm gonna chill with my month-old opened quarter bottle of cabernet-merlot and listen to some tunes. How life should be.

Wrote this about Venetian Snares' newest album on RYM...

Rossz Csillag Allat Szülletett is a remarkable work in many respects. Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) deftly melds early twentieth century classical and jazz styles with his usual heavy drum & bass breakbeats, resulting in an album that is often vicious, icy, chilling, and downright melancholy. He occasionally missteps, as in "Szamár Madár," which loops the theme Elgar's woeful Cello Concerto over Funk's furious beats. This seems interesting in theory, but ends up sounding forced and trite out of the context of the rest of Elgar's piece. Where Funk succeeds, though, he does so with great inventiveness. "Szerencsétlen" makes Bartok seem destined for Funk's drum & bass stylings. "Második Galamb" and "Kétsarkú Mozgalom" are epic aural paintings of stark loneliness, both alternating haunting brass wailings and cold, thoughtful spoken samples with relentless battering of Funk's stutter beats. "Hajnal" is unquestionably the centerpiece of the album, a blending of Eastern and jazz styles with perhaps the most unique of Funk's electronic whimsies. Rossz Csillag Allat Szülletett isn't perfect - where Funk's imagination abounds in some spots, it is completely lacking in others. I still highly recommend it for its stylistic invention and its surprisingly penetrating emotional punch. [4 stars]

listening to: "Stay Loose" ~Belle and Sebastian


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