chasing squirrels

I can't help it. Ann Arbor squirrels are seriously the cutest animals EVER. I saw two chasing each other hopping from tree to tree yesterday, and the insane cuteness of it all almost caused me to explode with happiness. It was intense.

I passed the same dead squirrel outside the Power Center walking home today as I did yesterday. It had a lot more flies around it this time, and it looked deflated (literally.) I want to know how it got there in the first place.

I gave my "Since U Been Gone" presentation today in pop/rock. Easily my favorite class thing I've done all year. I talked a lot about blogs in my presentation, coincidentally, so I thought it'd be appropriate and shit to start blogging again. Damn (dzamn) I haven't blogged since freshman year! I think it's still up and archived at dzamn.blogspot.com actually... hmmm I haven't looked at that fucker for ages. I need to figure out how to put in a link for responses again, too. Whatever.

Seeing Tori tonight!!

listening to: "Since U Been Gone" ~miss Kelly C.
"Wrapped Around Your Finger" ~The Police


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