how the damage is done

How do I keep missing these albums when they are initially released?! I've been listening a ton to The Notwist's Neon Golden (2002) recently, and all I can say is wow. Okay, that's not all I can say. The acoustic and electronic blend here is probably the most successful I've ever encountered. Electronic blips and crackles pervade the whole CD, but they never cloy like they can with Radiohead and Bjork. Woodwinds, brass, and acoustic guitar color the different tracks with tremendous effect, never sounding forced or trite. Maybe more on this later. It's still working on me. But WOW.

Other older releases that have spun my world right round baby right round: The Microphones' The Glow, pt.2 (2001) and Gravenhurst's Flashlight Seasons (2004). The former is a masterpiece in soundscaping atmospherics to express the utterly ineffable. I really can't properly describe the haunting mystery and wonder in every minute of this work; it has to be experienced. The latter is an emotional journey of the best and most beautiful kind. I haven't really allowed an album to confront my most guarded feelings for such a long time now, and I hardly expected this album to find its way inside me without my expressed consent.
Don't let the delicateness and fragility of these gorgeous songs fool you: they possess far more power than meets the ear. When music affects you like this, how can you deny its awesomeness?

[warning: rant of a Tori Amos fan follows.]
Saw Tori in D-town a couple days ago. It was fine -- awesome seats -- but I was pretty disappointed with the setlist. She switches it up every night, and since I keep tabs on her every move like the good stalker fan that I am, I expect to hear rarities when I go to see her DAMMIT! She did play "Snow Cherries" and "Butterfly," definitely my highlights. She also played the extremely rare but sort of boring "Abbey Road". But other than that (and her cover of "Penny Lane," which was precious), it was a pretty lackluster set. Then, to add insult to injury, her show in Chicago the night following had an incredible setlist! I'm talking TOP FUCKING NOTCH. Debuted five songs. And to think I could have made it out there for the show! Auuuughh!!
[okay, rant over]

In non-music-related news, check out this link Paul sent me. Most interesting is the quote found ten paragraphs down. Now that's balls.


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