going mental

I swear, sometimes the songs that randomly play in my head would make the best mix CD's. I recall having the *best* playlist ever while triapsing about the Metroparks stoned with Ian about a month ago. I distinctly remember telling this to him, who then proceeded to sing Backstreet Boys, getting it stuck in my head, much to my chagrin. Anywho, the playlist had some M.I.A. (10$ y'all) and Missy (all up in ya melon) and I think some Radiohead, too. Sounds sort of arbitrary, but I swear, it all fit. Of course, I lost it all in the wake of my summerday fog, but it was really damn good.

Then there are those days that my mind basically just empties itself of a whole lotta music gunk. Cleaning out the pipes or something. I woke up to the gratingly catchy "December 1963" aka "Oh What a Night" by The Four Seasons dancing through my neurons. Like, it's fine for karaoke night and all, but geez, I don't want to wake up to that ass! And then there was "Blues in the Night," which again is fine for, like, a high school show choir or some shit, but not for me when I'm trying to get some work done around here!! And you know when you're trying to get that nasty drivel out of your head and you try to sing something else that you actually like but it never works because that damn 80's synthesizer keeps kicking its way to the fore? Maybe it's cleansing, or maybe it's just irritating, but either way it sucks.

I was reading about musical hallucinations the other week. I guess some peeps, when they're in their old age and are just chillin in their retirement homes or whatever, have been known to say "where is that phonograph playing?" And the fat 30-something nurse is like, "biotch, there ain't no phonograph anywhere." And it turns out, these senior peeps are hallucinating songs from back in the day! People have been known to continually hallucinate music for years on end. They say it drives them pretty crazy. Even some composers have been known to have musical hallucinations, such as Schubert and Scriabin. Well alls I gots to say is, if I ever start having musical hallucinations, it'd better not be going like today's. I'd shoot myself in the head.

listening: "Oh What a Night". in my head. again. DAHHH


At 12:54 AM, Blogger ian said...

You failed to mention what BSB song I got stuck in your head. I do believe it was "I want it that way" or maybe even the quintessential "Everybody! (Backstreet's Back!)" Either way, your mix was doomed.


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