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Let me just start out by saying: I. love. Phil. Elvrum. I mean, I also love Paula Abdul, but seriously, this is like, way different. omg y'all.

Okay. Mount Eerie was my first venture into The Microphones' gnarly musical/noise-ical world, and it came awfully close to being my last. At first listen, I wasn't at all expecting the ambient thunder jungle nightmare that opens the LP; I promptly switched it off after ten minutes in desperate need of some Iron & Wine. I was feeling more adventurous the second time around, and threw myself at the mercy of the first track, which pretty much sucked me into another universe. Basically. But as soon as the track ended, I found myself lost again. It was interesting, but just too abstract, too random, too pretentious... I might as well just put on some Sun Ra or something. I didn't really have any ambition to figure it out after this listen, so I just threw it aside in favor of the other stuff I was discovering at the time (The Books! Arcade Fire! oo la la, indeed, fuckers. *slams head into monitor*)

Fast forward a few months later, and somehow -- I really don't remember -- The Glow, pt.2 fell into my lap (destiny, right?) Like Mount Eerie, it initially perplexed me, but not in the same way. This time it beckoned me to figure it out. I could not stop listening to it for weeks. Again, like, omg, y'all.

I again attempted a listen of Mount Eerie a few weeks after I heard The Glow, pt.2. Unfortunately, it was bad circumstances -- I was driving across the Ohio Turnpike at night. Fittingly creepy, yes, but far from ideal. Let's just say, shitty car speakers + sleepy Vic = almost crashing into the median. Thanks Phil, I'm gonna put on Madonna now.

Since then, I've bought most of The Microphones' major releases, and have delved into them with gusto (save Window, which I still have trouble deciphering -- oh, one day, Phil...). But I'd kept Mount Eerie on the shelf (that phrase doesn't really work in the iPod age, huh). If I want to understand it, I figured, I need to be in the right mood at the right time. Well, the right mood and right time finally came -- thank you, music library, for sticking me in the stacks with nothing but hundreds of books to shelve and my iPod (uhh, btw, I still need to name aforementioned iPizzle. suggestions?)

So, uhhm... yeah. After all that, it turns out that I don't have all that much to say about it. Nothing to do with the quality or anything. The thing's great, right up there with his last two. I just don't really have the words to express how I feel about it. It's probably the most cinematic piece of music I have ever listened to, hands down. The way it conjures up elaborate images, scenes, story -- you might as well be watching a film, but like, you know, without the picture. Except the picture really is there. I swear. It's that convincing. So what kind of film is it? Well, it's definitely an art film, but way grander than most. Think
Cremaster a la Bjork's hubby Barney, no not the dinosaur. Speaking of dinosaurs, I'm pretty sure there are some in this film. There's also God, angels, blood, ocean, clouds, sun, space, etc... you know, the usual Microphones fodder. If The Glow, pt.2 says a lot about the intangible, Mount Eerie speaks mountains (hee hee) about the tangible. Like I said, it's grand. Which is remarkable, seeing as that the album barely clocks in at 40 minutes. And... hmm. I guess that's it. The words stop there. I mean, I can go into descriptions, but it wouldn't capture half of what makes this album so interesting. In any case, I'll be listening to this one a lot more now.

Excitingly enough, Mount Eerie's debut LP, No Flashlight, is on the horizon, set to be released a month from now. Yay!! (In case you didn't know, The Microphones is dead and resurrected as Mount Eerie. Just like the album. Talk about taking your work seriously.) Pitchfork posted the tracklisting earlier this week, and contrary to my expectations, Phil seems to be continuing a few song titles in the vein of his major Microphones releases (see: "2 Moons," "The Same Ocean"). Perhaps one day we'll have "The Glow, pt.5" on our hands. Oh, rapture!


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If you love him so much, why don't you marry him??? Brrrnnnaaaahhh.


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