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I thought I liked Good News for People Who Love Bad News slightly better than The Moon & Antarctica, but now I'm not so sure after yet another listen to the latter. It's like, every time I listen to one of the two, I become sure that it's actually slightly better than the other! FUCK YOU AND YOUR CONSISTENCY MODEST MOUSE!!

Extra news bits on the upcoming Mount Eerie release. Largest album cover ever? Bewildering and massive liner notes? Laptop music a la Phil's anti-digital lo-fi aesthetic? Mommy Earth preggers at night? Holy shit am I excited. And the mp3's offered (follow the linkie...) are incredibly promising. I am TOTES PUMPED. [side note: they use "totes" in the news bit! Damnit Ian, you're even more avant-garde than when you wore boot cut jeans in high school.]

I've decided I like The Soft Pink Truth's Do You Want New Wave... [blah blah blah etc etc etc] even more than Do You Party?. The LP is fuckin razor-sharp. It either bowls you over with punch-you-in-the-face irony ("Out of Step" is my favorite track on the disc) or kick-you-in-the-nuts relevance ("Media Friend"). And, naturally, the beats are to die for. In the spirit of my being Out of Step with the rest of the music world, it's retroactively become one of my faves of 2004.

listening: nothing. why aren't i listening to anything? what's going on here? OH MY GOD A SPIDER JUST CRAWLED UP MY ANKLE


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