MTV hearts the gays

So, uh, who's watched MTV lately? Yeah, weird question seeing as that there isn't any new season of Real World or anything right now, so of course I wouldn't expect you to. But I was watching the VMA nominees videos yesterday (btw, the video for "Lose My Breath" by Destiny is so fuckin good), and my god, during the commercials they were making the hugest deal out of Kanye's little speal about gays. As if he were coming out of the closet or something (I'm giving him another two years for that one). Seriously, they showed the clip like, every other commercial break.

MTV, you crazy socially progressive bastards you, what's going on? I'm totes confused here. I mean, I'm not used to the media paying extra attention to these types of things. I still think half of this country's population is unaware that gay marriage was made legal in Spain last month. Hell, I doubt all that many homos know about it. So, like, MTV? Huh?

Well, maybe it comes as no surprise when you consider that MTV Networks is coming out with a new
all-gay cable channel. That's pretty cool. Hopefully it will be better than Bravo. Or Oxygen. Ewwww... Oxygen. Anyway, I think Viacom is now my new favorite corporate giant (sorry, Starbucks, I still love you).

I guess this is what happens when the crazy leftists control all the media. Well, not all the media, just the media targeted towards the under-30 age bracket. Well, not all of them either, just MTV and Comedy Central. Whatevs. In a television world where right-wing conservatives influence everything from CNN to 24, this flips my shit. Good job, MTV and Kanye. Perhaps I will actually buy Late Registration instead of just downloading it for free!

Also, the 2005 VMA logo is totes prettty.


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