My love-hate-loathe relationship with Pitchfork grows ever more complex. LOOK AT NUMBER EIGHT. That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you. It's TORI! Sitting pretty in the Top Ten of Dickfuck's Top 100 Albums of the 90's. And rightfully so. Little Earthquakes is one of the essential albums of the 90's, whether the indie-cred seekers are willing to admit it or not.

Well, that was their old list. Check out the revised list. Where's Tori? WHERE IS SHE ASSHOLES??? She's not even in the Top 100. What, Bitchdorks, didn't want to tarnish your obviously-better-than-thou image by including an album (that's not Radiohead) whose importance most mainstream music critics actually agree on? I mean, Bonnie Prince Billy is good, but WTF. Duh, obviously it's not cool to like Tori, but what the hell man? How can she just disappear out of the top fucking ten into nothing like that?

And, once again, indie cred takes precedence over the actual music. So gross.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger ian said...

I have been addicted to "Little Earthquakes" for the last week. SO FREAKING GOOD. "Boys For Pele" better watch out...


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