It's like dancing with a palsy; I mean,
it's not like they are unable or even incapable, though some are,
I just think, I think, I think just like that. That is,
I'm unable (or even incapable) of thinking otherwise.
It's sort of egotistic I guess, to think everyone around you is incapable, or even unable,
but that's what makes salsa with a palsy so delightfully awkward.


I am listening to some random shit these days, and right now Tin Hat Trio's Book of Silk is rockin the iTunes. It is delicate and beautiful and smart, but I'm not sure this is the right time of year for that, for me. Emiliana Torrini's Fisherman's Woman, on the other hand, is jiving quite well these days.

How strange that as much as I look forward to fall music during most of the year -- God, October is gonna be great -- this week I have been soooo in the mood for winter music. Sigur Ros in particular. I guess the I'm liking the thought of chiseling away at some icy exterior right now for some reason. We will see how that one turns out.

I will hopefully post on live Sigur Ros and Interpol shows soon, but I'll throw out my main points right now: (1) Sigur Ros are less musically precise live than I expected, but that's really cool because it means they're human after all!; and besides, their show is painfully beautiful. (2) Interpol would definitely sound better in smaller venues than large, because large makes them sound too much like The Cure. But DAMN they have the most beautiful lighting I've ever seen at a rock concert.

I know what you're thinking, Z.

playing: "Empire of Light" - Tin Hat Trio


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