at least it's not "american life"

It's sort of disappointing that Madonna chose to take the easy - I mean, REALLY easy - way out of her pop music rut. She went with what was safe, which I guess isn't that bad of a thing, except what's safe for Madonna is pretty boring.

"Hung Up," her new single, was leaked the other day. It loops an ABBA single, puts a dance beat behind it, and has Maddy singing some of her worst lyrics since... ever. The melody is junk. The production is okay; nothing to write home about.
I'm sure there will be some amazing remixes in the future, but couldn't she have churned out a better single cut? It won't set any trends, all it does is follow them. Fuck, this could have been on Erotica and we would be none the wiser. I mean, come on. This is fluff. It's dull. It's derivative.

But it's still Madonna. SO it's going on repeat all afternoon!

listening: "time goes by... so slowly" (repeat ad nauseum)


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