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XIU XIU blows my fucking mind. I've never seen or heard them live, but they are masters of the studio. Their instrumental arrangements are unlike anything, ever. The music and lyrics just drill into that yellow festering pus boil in some shadowy nook in your brain. It makes you tweak a little, maybe your stomach churns or maybe your face goes numb. You go cross-eyed and don't notice that you're drooling. And then Jamie Stewart lays his head on your barely-moving chest and just when you think he's going to fall asleep, he bites it. But lovingly.

I've recently noticed that I find myself drawn, for whatever reason, to performers with eccentric and histrionic musical personalities. I hold Xiu Xiu, Tori, The Microphones, and Bjork all in very high regard, and they all involve careening belligerently in the face of performing convention, especially when it comes to singing.

It's strange, because that is rarely the aspect of the music I like the most about them (except when it comes to Tori, who would be sort of boring if she didn't pant into the microphone). Jamie Stewart's melodramatics are both ridiculous and endearing. Phil Elvrum's voice just sucks, it just so happens to work in most of his sound experiments because it's so weird. And Bjork is Bjork, you know how that goes.

So what's up with the weirdos? Am I empathic, perhaps? Maybe. If I were a musical artist, I would probably croak into the microphone a few times, then sing with a heavy lisp for a while before I bust out some death-metal Slayer shit to cap the song. Yeah, that would be sweet.

listening: "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" - OK Go


At 7:58 AM, Blogger ian said...

Unification of spirit and voice through the inferior English language! Um yeah. That is going to be the title of my debut release.


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