poop cab for emo

Saw Death Cab for Cutie tonight at the Michigan Theater. I was expecting to get bored halfway in, but they actually put on a pretty entertaining show. They totally repped all of their albums, and even a b-side, which is really cool. Not enough artists pull from their catalogue anymore, it's too much "let's play our entire new album and the singles from the old ones." So yeah, I was really surprised to hear so many We Have the Facts and Photo Album tracks. Fuck, they even played a song off of Something About Airplanes, and that album kind of sucks! So, good job Death Cab.

Also, halfway through "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," some guy yelled out in to Ben, "I WANT YOU!," which completely echoed my sentiments just then. That song made me want to pounce him. And Ben Gibbard is not an attractive man. So that just goes to show you the power he holds in those little man boobies of his!

listening: "Lightening Rod, Run" - Deerhoof (kind of weird because "Transatlanticism" is still playing in my head. mashup anyone? hmmmmm)


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