this is not about love

"'Cause I am not in love."

Fiona wrote some damn good songs for Extraordinary Machine, so leave it to the performance and production to make it or break it. Fact: Fiona sounds much better on the old (Jon Brion) version of EM. Fact: I find Jon Brion annoying. False: "OMG, the new version is sooo much worse!" Fact: Both have their strengths. I am personally inclined towards the new ("more accessible!") version. I like many of the new arrangements; I also find a few far inferior to Brion's. The new "Parting Gift" is quite nice. And if anything, I'm glad the real release finally happened, because it gave me an excuse to listen to this album once again. And what's more, I let my iTunes run right into When the Pawn... as soon as EM was over, and it reminded me of how great that album is, as well. Perhaps her best? Whatever, it brings me back to sophomore year of high school and all those really confusing emotions. And they look awfully funny from this perspective.

listening: "Get Him Back" version 2.0 (again!! it's that good.)


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Bill said...

you still need to pass over "the microphones" and "emiliana." and btw, Parting Gift was the first track that stuck out to me, at which point i thought, oooo, this is good.

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous jing said...

dude, i lost the old version of extraordinary machine when my old ipod had a hard disk failure. i'm so angry.

i also love the new parting gift.


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