no guitars, totes fun

Saw Vitalic last night in Detroit with Laurel, what a fuckin treat. Pascal Arbez is a proper Euro techno DJ through and through, early-30's, bald shaven head, way chill. Well not the music, as expected. Extended versions of "La Rock 01" and "My Friend Dario" easily the highlights, he also spun some stuff which I assume is newer, and was quite good, had a different feel than the OK Cowboy romps, a little harder with some killer bass. Arbez was all smiles for the crowd of about 70-80, I was all sweaty for the crowd of one (Laurel) when we kept dancing until the place closed, having the dance floor pretty much to ourselves after 3. My knees are sore but I feel oh so cleansed.


well-oiled, that's what you are

some older releases that have been getting my attention lately...

Holopaw - Holopaw
Warbly and beautifully understated indie-country that makes me feel like I'm in Kansas. (I've never been to Kansas.) Smoothing out the transition to spring like a skinny joint on a humid day.

Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll
Dude, they actually play this stuff on European radio. And it's, like, quality! Ear-candy along the lines of Daft Punk or Kylie sans-vocals. Yep, it's strutting music.

The Dirty Projectors - The Glad Fact
Oddball/heady/pretentious meets crafted/pretty/down-to-earth with this gritty indie amalgam of styles and sounds. A folk-art cantata with a high-art sensibility? Fuck that, Vic, this thing has too much soul.

The National - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
The immediate progenitor of the even-better Alligator, most of this album is Grade-A melancholia for your inner alcoholic burnout.