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Will someone please, please, God, hit me up with an album released sometime this year that doesn't land me in a pile of my own drool? Honestly, 2005 looks like an exciting year for music compared to what '06 is shaping up to be. Middling rock, flaccid pop, white bread techno, I am so. bored. Much of the critically praised shit I've waded through leads me to believe that people are just looking for something, anything, to praise recently. Band of Horses may very well be this year's Bloc Party for me -- nice enough band that gets way too much attention for near-flawless execution of enormously derivative and mostly unmemorable music. Though I do appreciate Everything All the Time more than that Bloc Party album, I already forget the name, it's nice at best.

The Knife's Silent Shout? Would be groovy enough if the production weren't so damn sterile. It's too bad, because you can hear the urgency of the timbres underneath the matte finish just itching to break out. And if that's what they were going for, well, congrats, I'll put it on next time I want to shake my ass to bed.

I can't say I was surprised when the new Flaming Lips album kinda, um, sucked. Nor can I say I was surprised at the new AFX to be more of the excellent same old same old. But I am incredibly disappointed with The Streets' latest go at it. I mean,
A Grand Don't Come for Free was so spectacular because it turned Mike Skinner's uninteresting, pathetic existence into something epic. (That, and it had "Blinded by the Lights," perhaps the closest musical approximation to getting fucked up I've ever heard.) But The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living is just... uninteresting and pathetic. But what's more, it's irritating as hell. Mike Skinner was once believable in his mundane revelations, now he just sounds coked up and overconfidently underconfident. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun album, but its aims are way too obvious, which makes it all the more aggravating when he misses the targets nearly every time. The verses to "War of the Sexes" are promising, but get utterly crushed by the gratingly awkward chorus; but even that can't beat the oh-shit-I-have-to-come-up-with-another-catch-phrase banality that is "Memento Mori". Weirdly enough, the awfully un-English-sounding "All Goes out the Window" is my favorite track here, strange considering I almost never really care for the slower, more R&B-influenced tracks on rap albums. Yeah, all in all, it looks like the boundary between endearing and annoying was a lot thinner than I thought. Damn.

So come on, other than Neko Case, can ANYONE tell me what needs to be heard from this year so far? I hear new Ghostface is good....


At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"because you can hear the urgency of the timbres underneath the matte finish just itching to break out."

Do you go to art school?!?!

oH gAy, YoUzA cRaZy ChIcK.


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Vic said...

gay i keep telling you, indie wannabe! i guess that's almost art student.

At 2:29 AM, Blogger Laurel said...

i like his name is alive's latest album, detrola. also, nat baldwin is an interesting dude (andrew bird type, but with a string bass instead of violin).

and don't let ian bitter gasm all over you just cause he can't write as well. kisses!


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